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the drink in his hand had gone warm. the plan to stick near the bar hoping to attract company wasn't working. enya wasn't in the mood to dance but it might be the only way he'd get something rolling. he was feeling ansty after all the time spent being shuffled around in a company van. it was good that was getting work but it had killed his social life.

he didn't have much of one to begin with. there were the trainees he'd known when he was young, the produce kids that admired him and the band mates that were just as busy as he was. enya couldn't remember the last time he'd spoken to someone that wasn't going 'oh wow. is still around'.

giving up on the drink he placed it on the bar. he brushed aside his hair. he'd styled it perfectly before he left the dorm but sweat had ruined the style. too many bodies producing heat as they swayed to the single bass trick beat. he sighed, throwing in the towel to step towards the dance floor but was stopped by a body colliding into his.

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