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so this is the father of kang seon woo (the boy is nine years old internationally). he was born when maeri was 22. baby daddy must be a year older than maeri or the same age as they met in their first year of high school. they were super tight buddies and when they graduated she moved in with him.

they lived together for two years before she broke up with him to date his older brother (that ho). she did it for financial stability because baby daddy was the younger brother, kind of an artist type and had no real future. while elder brother was set to inherit all the family business and money.

clearly that hurt baby daddy pretty badly. he threatened to end maeri but he never actually came close to her. his hurt just turned into anger. baby daddy has no idea he is in fact a daddy at present time but during play he will find out.

he hasn't kept in touch with maeri, they should meet through the entertainment industry. as either he's become a celebrity or works behind the scenes (aka songwriter, composer, publicist... i dunno). he's not had much luck in romance since then because maeri left him with the feeling all women are harlots (so ooooold) and only good for satisfying him temporarily. that they will all betray him.

sooooo their meeting again is not going to be sweet. this has potential of him getting revenge or maybe they hash things out and become a family. it can go either way but please gimme baby daddy. face claim is open but must appear to be in his early 30s. korean as well, maeri is japanese but her baby daddy is korean.

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going to call her kiko for ease (in maeri's app she's mentioned as dae hee but i can change her name). kiko is maeri's second cousin, business partner and sometimes babysitter. when maeri came to seoul she lived with kiko's mother and grandmother in a small apartment. maeri used to help kiko with math work and when kiko hit those rebellious teen years to sneak out of the house to see her friends.

so when maeri found herself in trouble kiko appeared to help her. she moved in with maeri and became the primary care for seon woo while maeri worked. then in 2014 they started an online shopping mall called mayday. the two of them modeled for it and were in business with companies who used them to promote and distribute their products.

through the online shopping mall kiko snagged a modeling contract. she's been working as a model for the last few years. she could have expanded into acting as well. even though she has a good amount of popularity she still lives with maeri.

she would kind of be an insider for baby daddy above, trying to get him to realize maeri still loves him and that he should own up to taking care of his child. she doesn't fully understand how badly maeri hurt him. i must stress, no romance between cousin and baby daddy. there's enough melodrama in this plot lol

kiko is not a required face but i think she and ishihara satomi (maeri's face) really give off family feel so it'd be cute. kiko should be in her mid to late 20s.

mizuhara kiko
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