this is goodbye
I feel terrible for doing this because I adore all of you but it's gotten to a point in my life where it's just not possible to continue with role play boards at all. I haven't been able to really bring myself to get on messengers either since I don't know how to fully explain it to people. I'm sorry to have disappointed you all in the last few months in my weak attempts to post and plot but there were a lot of things going on. Long story short I'm moving back to China, where all my family lives, in June. We are preparing everything and I've already notified my place of work.

I know it seems a long ways away but there's a lot of preparation going into it and the place I work requires I assist in finding my replacement. I'm also trying to sell my house right now, so you know it's a permanent move. I have a job lined up back home and it'll be more time consuming. I'll be starting a life that won't really give me much time to sit online and take part in the fun I enjoyed with all of you the past few years. I can't believe it's been that long.

Anyway I didn't want to leave people completely hanging so I'll write out some endings for my characters. After this I've already let Mal know to archive them.

zhao ah mei
She didn't really have much going and the idol life would have been too stressful for her after Lien retired. There was no longer a reason to be part of that world. Eaten up with guilt over the things she had done and planned to do to him she would have quietly disappeared one night without notifying the Venus members but sent an e-mail to her boss stating she was going back to China. Ran away to avoid paying the contract termination fees.

oh bae hyun
Bae Hyun was super happy with Woo Jin and adjusting to life without one of his closest friends but an encounter with his uncle would ruin all of that. He'd try to confront him and only end up terrified to find out his uncle still has interest in him. The incident would had lead to him doing drugs again, setting himself backwards and destroying every promise he made to his friends and loved ones. It would eventually lead to him being fired.

lee jung
Being in love is a scary thing for Jung and he only knows how to do one thing when it happens, fuck it up. He would have wanted to verfiy his feelings for Min Jun by attempting to sleep with someone else to see if they could rile him up the way Min Jun does. He chose the wrong person, they turned out to be a member of Starjinyo. Within hours of spending time with that person not only were their rumors going around but images and even video to back up Jung's active sex life. Rather than taking F5 down with him Jung took blame stating his members had no idea of his homosexuality and large appetite for sex, that he would resign from the company an reflect on his actions admitting to seeing the wrong in his promiscuous lifestyle but not in being homosexual. He would have cut off contact with F5 to avoid the rest of the group being destroyed along with him.

gabriel kim
This one is easy, he's still a baby and his mother doesn't really approve of his idol lifestyle. So he'd end up withdrawing from Nyx and Choice Entertainment at his mother's behest to focus on his education. He would still keep in contact with all his friends at Choice and have plans to try for the idol career again after he graduates high school.

esna lin
This is the difficult one, there is no way Esna would abandon Luca when he knows the pain of abandonment and he loves him so damn much. For that reason this has to have a tragic ending (-ducks to avoid punches-). Esna was rising up in the ranks of popularity and with that comes crazy stalker fans. He doesn't let his manager drive him, tends to drive himself to his schedules on his motorcycle. In attempts to avoid a fan chasing after him he swerves and misses a light, getting clipped by another car and creating a pile up that results in him hospitalized for a time before being declared brain dead. He doesn't buckle his helmet properly. I'm sorry Luca.

im woo bin
I'm not sure what the plans are for Juwon but Woo Bin would definitely be all lovey dovey with him. A little too lovey dovey which leads to his relationship being figured out. It starts with people digging into his life then moves on to rumors about his family, people slandering his wheelchair bound mother. Woo Bin can't take it so leaves the company quietly and mimics his beloved Cherry Lee in composing and writing songs for others under an alias.

hwa nam kyu
Nam Kyu doesn't take very good care of himself, his health would start to decline and his parents worried about him would decide a change of atmosphere is best. They would sit down with Yong Soo to discuss the end of Nam Kyu's contract and how they found a specialist overseas to help treat Nam Kyu's celiac disease. So the family would uproot to Europe with Nam Kyu promising to write his beloved Valentina often and visit soon as his health improves.

ethan liu
Nothing much happened with Ethan but he did want to continue to teach and all that. So nothing really to write here lol

bae moon hee
A plot that I was supposed to kick off was the release of Moon Hee's mother from prison but I really fell off on this. With her around he'd feel pressured and just want to escape, would start to hate having such a public life and distance himself from his group mates. His mother would make it worse because she'd be leaking to the media about her precious baby boy and how the Bae family didn't really adopt him but the late Bae CEO was actually Moon Hee's father and the man Moon Hee knew to be his dad was infertile. It would be that moment that makes Moon Hee leave not only the company but the country to stay with the only person that ever accepted him fully, Bae Yong Chul who moved to California shortly after their father's death.

So that's all of them. I'm really going to miss all of you, especially Teeney. We had some amazing plots and talks together <333 Good luck in everything, guys. Thanks for putting up with me for so long.
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