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tl;dr be nice. no faces under 18. tag m and tw. avatars 250x400, gifs all square. no nsfw or ads in cbox. use shipper app. no character limit. monthly activity checks.

general as always be respectful, we do not tolerate bullying. first time offenders will be suspended, second time will be god modding or character ripping, copying another person's idea word for word will result in immediate ban.

characters no face claims under 18. there is no character limit but must be active with all characters. that means in character posts every 14 days. try to have a balance of male to female. faces have age range of -4/+4, that means you can't have lee dong wook as a 17 year old. you can only use 2 faces from one idol group. reply to the face claim only after you've filled out your main profile and mini profile.

artists the idols, solo artists etc. are based on real groups. you claim their sound by replying to the artist claim and requesting a subforum for the artist. you can not have your artist sound like more than one person/ group. so if your group sounds like monsta x they only sound like monsta x.

images avatars are 250x400, all gifs are square images. they automatically resize so make sure they're square or they'll look weird. no inappropriate images (have to be mindful of people viewing the site at public places).

threads mature themes are allowed but you must tag the thread m. if any material in the thread seems like it might be the plot of an svu or other crime series tag it tw. staff will routinely browse threads and add tags if needed, if we have to do this for your threads three times all your mature threads will be archived.

activity if you haven't posted for more than 2 weeks your claims can be taken away by a member who wants to use them. we will do monthly activity checks that last a week, plenty of time to save characters. if you only post for activity checks your claims will be removed. characters deleted during activity checks can be remade but will be on a week probation, meaning if they go inactive for a week they get permanently deleted.

cbox do not post ads to other sites in the cbox, or links to any other rp sites for any reason. you will be suspended from the cbox if seen doing this. no nsfw images in the cbox. cursing is fine but don't make your every word a curse.

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